Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ladybug, ladybug...

So yesterday was a rough day at work for me, including but not limited to my dogs attacking my front door for what seemed like 3 hours mid-day (I get a lot of deliveries and I KNOW the UPS dude rarely naps on my porch, so I didn’t unplug to go down and check it out.)

After work, as I descended the stairs, I did indeed see a small box waiting inside my front porch. Oh joy, I thought, another coffee mug for someone who can’t drink caffeine. Upon opening it, however, I was very touched to discover a lovely card and a never-before-seen solar-powered dancing ladybug from a sweet co-worker in northern WI!

It was growing dark so I set it on the kitchen window sill and studied it more closely (I don’t have much of a social life). For the record, the wings do not open. Seriously—don’t try and force them.

This morning, I made sure to take ladybug upstairs to work with me. I set her on the sill and she immediately started dancing.

Cue Maggie, my Cujo-related Chihuahua. She hopped up to check it out, quickly jumped down, and I haven’t seen her since. I then moved ladybug to a location where I could take a picture and noticed that Ginger had mistaken ladybug for a GODDESS and was prostrate before her. THIS, I though, could be useful. I asked Ginger what she thought and she immediately hushed me, saying, “No talking in front of the ThunderBug!”

I think we have a winner. Thank you VERY MUCH, Ellice! Screw Thundershirts—ThunderBugs for the WIN!

Get your own Thunderbug-this one is MINE!

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