Monday, August 29, 2011

Teaser for Carnival of Madness/Rockstock IV August 27, 2011

Sarah, Myles Kennedy, and me, late Saturday night

Last Saturday night, Sarah, myself and two new friends (Nate and Katie) had the unexpected and delightful opportunity to spend a great deal of time backstage talking to Alter Bridge--primarily Myles and his wife Selena.

It has been hard to sort out everything that happened that day so that I might write it down, but I have finally begun the process. I may have said I was a writer, but I never said I was fast. It's a story that deserves full justice, and I intend to do my best to ensure that it gets it.

Short version? It was the best night of my life.

More to come... Pictures and some main details on FB and Twitter so far...

Wait for it...
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Carnival of Madness/Rock the Ranch 2011

Hell hath no fury like Mother Nature
I promise to post the full story of the day (and night) that was Rock on the Ranch a.k.a. Carnival of Madness, held in Twin Lakes, WI this Saturday the 13th. It was an 18 hour day with no dull moments so as soon as the novel is drafted, I will post it.

But a couple of Thank you's can't wait:

First: Our new rail buddies Tony and Nicki. Not only did they stand with us during the Day of Reckoning downpour, but Tony also performed the most chivalrous (if not particularly wise) act on my behalf that I've ever seen: He put his own ass on the line to prevent mine from getting kicked over defending my spot on the rail following the deluge. It was unrequested, unexpected, quite necessary (my big mouth got me in too deep too fast), and greatly appreciated.

Second: Our new favorite security man, Josh. It was Josh who witnessed the entire near-altercation from "Stage Hill" and had Tony's (and my) back in case things did go further south than they did. Without his reassurance, I'm fairly certain my sister Sarah would have leapt on the DA (drunken asshole) like a pissed-off flying monkey.

Third: Fellow hardcore Alter Bridge fan Steve Porter, who got some great pictures I hope to borrow. We had a camera, but we were saving it for Alter Bridge (specifically for the signing booth, or simply finding them after the show, which didn't happen). When they came on, they were so backlit our pictures all looked like we were shooting The Holy Trinity--just beams of lights. Steve had a much better angle for pictures, probably a better camera, and a friend who was allowed up near the stage. A winning combination.

Fourth: My sister, Sarah, who stepped in every single time my well-being was threatened by DA's, ran every food and water run, and acted as my social conduit to everyone we met, including some of our most important new friends, security. She was soaked to the bone by noon and her teeth chattered so loud it was difficult to hear Nonpoint, but she stood by me as I waited another hour after Alter Bridge left the stage, trying to figure out how to get from A to B, so to speak. Only after 13 hours did she admit that she was absolutely freezing and would like to go--but would stay, if I wanted. She denied it all day not just because of how much she loves Myles Kennedy, but because of how much he means to me. That was not lost on me.

Fifth: My devoted Tweeps, who were "with" me on Twitter all day giving support and worrying on our behalf. Friends ranging from the West Coast to North Dakota to Poland backed us up and made sure that, just in case Myles missed any of my hundred tweets, he might see theirs. That we did not find Alter Bridge last night was NOT for lack of assistance! ♥

Sixth: Alter Bridge, for playing in unsafe and fairly shitty conditions. And specifically Myles, who acknowledged Sarah and me so openly that the people around us were wondering who THEY had to sleep with to get those smiles and shout-outs. And all because we were holding a sopping wet, deflated balloon in the shape of a pug? I can see how by-standers might have been confused. But Myles, once again, made all the "adventure" worth it by showering love from the stage. Those are the moments I live for.

Pugsly being introduced to Alter Bridge Friday night.

To be continued...

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Why I love Huskies but will never own one

Do not attempt to drink any beverages as you watch this or you risk a very messy snort. The subtitles are priceless. Mishka (the black one) even has her own YouTube channel! The brown one is her sister, Laika.

What about now?
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