Sunday, December 11, 2011

An American in Norway

American tourist's summary of Europe and Scandinavia: The miles are shorter, the yardsticks are longer, and the stones are heavier.

But the rock stars are just as sweet :)

Photo album of my whirlwind trip to Oslo to see Alter Bridge with artist and fellow tweep Jenny Widding. First full day, we played tourist in sunny, 40 degree weather. Second day, we played groupie, staking out the concert venue until the sympathetic guitarist, Mark Tremonti, invited us in with VIP passes. We slept with them all and enjoyed a great concert.

Wait, not entirely true--Myles has a very painful sore throat so the concert was a bit off. And we did NOT sleep with the roadies (though I love ya, Ernie!)

Okay, we didn't sleep with the band either--jeez! The expectations were SO HIGH for this trip!
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