Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Stories and Published Novel Excerpts

Christmas in Cairo, 1993 (Photo by Kacey Dewing)

I am intensifying my search for an agent and/or publisher, and am using this as a place to list the links for my stories (excerpts from two novels) which have been published.

The genre is creative non-fiction (a.k.a. true stories). These were all published in a handful of issues of Mused--Bellaonline Literary Review.

[Following are excerpts from Below Sea Level, novel about 10 years with husband suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder]

Shadow of the Mountains

Dog Day Afternoon*



*Personal favorite

[Excerpt from The Agoraphobic's Guide to Cairo, about my year abroad in Cairo, Egypt in 1993-94]

Al-Abyaad - The White One (About the horse who did not kill me.)

Nancy Dietrich: In Her Own Words

Further unpublished excerpts can be found on this blog:

Kickback from Below Sea Level

Painting the Town Blue from Below Sea Level

Al-Qitta (The Kitten) from The Agoraphobic's Guide to Cairo

Bustan al-Hayawanat (The Zoo) from The Agoraphobic's Guide to Cairo

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Hi Sally!

Welcome to my twisted world!

Below Sea Level is the dark novel.
The Agoraphobic's Guide to Cairo is the light novel.

And Myles Kennedy is the one that makes me fly all over the country--and world, now. ;) Yes you, Sally. Thought it would make you laugh. Read more!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Maggie Joins the Dietrich Family!

Me? Crazy? Only if you ask anyone who knows me—But I’m SO happy to have another “Dickens” in the family, especially one who acts a little more well-adjusted. Maggie is trusting of humans, affectionate, curious, and as sassy as you would expect a Chihuahua-Papillon cross (?) to be. Don’t need the sassy to rub off on Dickens, but hope the bravery will…

How did she get here? Well, Dickens is well-known at our local vet clinic, and I once mentioned to them that I knew he had family out there, but I had missed the chance to adopt his sister when she was rescued.

So when I called in last week to make a reservation for Dickens for my Norway trip, one of the gals mentioned that she had just started fostering a Dickens' look-a-like and knew she had to tell me.

Oh, shit, I thought. The foster mom sent me a picture and I was helpless.

Separate meetings with Dickens and Maggie, then Ginger and Maggie, went well, so I took her home Friday night. She immediately started bossing Ginger (yeah, the pit bull) around, who took it like a champ, so I tried to calm Maggie down and give Ginger and Dickens extra lovin' to make up for the abrupt intrusion upon their privacy.

Her name? Well, it was Gwen when she came from the Waukesha shelter, then Leila at her foster mom's, but I wanted to stick with the Dickens theme and use a 19th century (female) writer. Many obvious choices: Jane (Austen), sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne (Brontë) and another woman writer (who used a pseudonym) who was influenced by the Brontë sisters; George Eliot, who wrote The Mill on the Floss. In that novel, the protagonist is a strong-willed, precocious, yet highly devoted child named Maggie. So far, the name has proven to be a perfect fit.

They turned out to be exactly the same age and build, though Maggie could use a bit more weight. The way she attacks her meals, that shouldn't be a problem :)

Ginger: “Why does she have to spread it all over the floor? Why can’t I HELP?”

Dickens: “You want to pull WHAT prank?! You've only been here an HOUR!”

Bad hair moment for Maggie after Advantix application yesterday morning.
Better hair day for Maggie this morning, and in her own harness (w/bell!) and office bed, finally.

Siblings? Cousins? You tell me? Exactly the same age.
She weighs 6.4lb., but could use 2lb more. Dickens weighs 11lb., but could stand to lose one.

Dickens: “Thank you for getting me my bed back. I guess she is kind of cute when she’s sleeping…”

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Alter Bridge Debut Their October 2011 Webisode

LOVE these regular Webisodes put out by Alter Bridge. Such a blast and honor to go behind the scenes, and put more names to the faces!

Had to get a screen grab of Myles' Red Monkey :)
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