Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Published Stories/Novel Excerpts

Christmas in Cairo, 1993 (Photo by Kacey Dewing)

I am intensifying my search for an agent and/or publisher, and am using this as a place to list the links for my stories (excerpts from two novels) which have been published.

The genre is creative non-fiction (a.k.a. true stories). These were all published in a handful of issues of Mused--Bellaonline Literary Review.

[Following are excerpts from Below Sea Level, novel about 10 years with husband suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder]

Shadow of the Mountains

Dog Day Afternoon*



*Personal favorite

[Excerpt from The Agoraphobic's Guide to Cairo, about my year abroad in Cairo, Egypt in 1993-94]

Al-Abyaad - The White One (About the horse who did not kill me.)

Nancy Dietrich: In Her Own Words

Further unpublished excerpts can be found on this blog:

Kickback from Below Sea Level

Painting the Town Blue from Below Sea Level

Al-Qitta (The Kitten) from The Agoraphobic's Guide to Cairo

Bustan al-Hayawanat (The Zoo) from The Agoraphobic's Guide to Cairo

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jordan turns 5 years old today!!

Jordan with her buddy, Taylor

Happy birthday to my favorite 5 year-old in the entire world!! (And that includes a whole lot of 5 year-olds!) You have brought us all great joy and unbelievable tales in the last 5 years and we all promise to re-tell the best ones to you over and over again once you grow up! I could not love you more, Jordan.

Have a wonderful birthday, and save me some cake tonight!

And here's a toast to many, many more birthday cakes! Read more!